crying wolf vs. jaded public

U.S. Accuses Iranians of Plotting to Kill Saudi Envoy
Federal authorities said they have foiled a plot by men linked to the Iranian government to kill the Saudi ambassador to the United States and to bomb Saudi and Israeli Embassies.



I don't believe this for one minute. Why would Iran risk war with the U.S.? This is a lie meant to justify the U.S. or Israel attacking Iran. Once again the American people will be complicit in the commission of a crime.

San Francisco, CA

How utterly convenient that this supposed plot is being revealed at this particular moment. It drives all the other more pressing news items off the front page. No front page articles about the ongoing occupation of Wall Street. No more front page coverage of the increasingly embarassing details coming about about Eric Holder's false testimony about his involvement in the illegal arms shipments to the Mexican drug cartels.

This is "Wag The Dog" all over again. It reeks of desperation.


I get a creepy feeling that the Industrial Miliary OverLords are seeing the end of The Iraq thing and the Afhganistan Thing coming to an end soon and they need a new source of Income. Let's set the tone for a new war-with Iran!!!

Yes it won't be long before Cantor and Boehner and Limbaugh and CHeney will be calling for Military Action in Tehran. Let them pick up a rifle and go.

Nazir Lunat
Stockton, California

Load of garbage. The Obama regime is looking for excuses based on fabricated lies. Are we expected to believe that the Iranians are so stupid to hatch such a silly plot.
The USA is well known for conceiving conspiracy theories, are we not reminded of the Bush lies that Iraq posed an imminent nuclear threat. Now we have Holder peddling his lies


This story is intriguing on several different levels due to the different plot-lines it excites.

Attorney General Holder, the D.E.A., and the FBI are all getting pats on the back from Obama even in light of the publicly disastrous "Fast and Furious" weapons sting operation. Does this administration really think that American citizens have such short-term memory loss?

This entire assassination plot was technically never going to take place. Once the plotters made contact with the undercover D.E.A. agent, posing as the Mexican drug cartel member, the plot was essentially ruined. The first meeting took place sometime in the Spring. This begs several questions: Was there ever any real danger? Was the Iranian gov't really that involved in such an unorganized scheme?
To add confusion to the entire situation, the original plan was to to have the Mexican cartel kidnap the Saudi ambassador. So when did it become an assassination plot, before or after contact was made with the undercover D.E.A. agent?

The story will surely ignite the debate about border control between U.S. and Mexico. And, in the coming days we will hear from many Congress members about the ways in which Obama should "retaliate."

Meanwhile, news stories about true American strife will be brushed aside in favor of talking "terror." Citizens will continue to take opposing sides on issues like abortion, gay marriage, and immigration rather than holding our leaders accountable for job creation, tax reforms, and big business legislation. Our politicians are extremely good at what they do, unfortunately what they do is not always in the best interest for the country itself.

Charlotte NC

Looks to me like somebody's wagging the dog for "Fast and Furious" Eric Holder. How far is the Obama administration willing to go to rehabilitate this mutt's political viability?

Huntington Beach, CA

If the report is true, then congratulations are in order to our Federal Intelligence Community, for a job well done. Keep-up the good work.


POTUS needs a war to get reelected.


Ah, the "mobile WMD labs" and "uranium tubes" necessary to justify bombing Iran. I wondered when this was going to be ginned-up.

Jeff North

WHEW!! The saudis can breathe a huge sigh of relief. This latest plot will undoubtably distract the Western media as their warlords in Riyadh mow down democracy protestors with impunity.

Remind me again why we even have a saudi embassy in DC??


Boy! There are conspiracy theorists everywhere and for every issue. Even a report like this one gets labelled as a distraction against the Wall Street occupation movement; a political preparation for war with Iran; another business plan of the war industry; and what comes next?

Why can't we just take these news at their face value, and praise the good work that the American Intelligence is doing to protect us, and thank them?

Let's redirect our hostility toward Wall Street, the politicians, the big industry, and express it in other more appropriate fori. Let's enjoy these good news.

Ottawa, Canada

Interesting how the first mention of this story in the New York Times contained this quote.
'... "We will not let other countries use our soil as their battleground," Preet Bharara, the U.S. attorney in Manhattan, said at a press conference in Washington with Holder and FBI Director Robert Mueller. ...'
Quite understandable why such a risibly hypocritical statement should be dropped from reporting. After all even in an "exceptional" country insisting that the rest of the world must 'do as we say not as we do' seems gratuitously offensive.

Palo Alto CA

I simply don't believe it. Smells to me like a neocon pretext to start that war with Iran they've always wanted.

Whose interests are being served? Our military-industrial oligarchs: yes. Our 'ally' Israel: yes. America and its people: no.

Bronx, NY

It's amusing to see a lot of comments here accusing the administration of using this incident for political purposes. In light of 9/11/2001, I wish the Bush administration had acted as proactively in preventing it, as they did to use it as an excuse to go to war in Iraq. If in fact this plot had been successful, I would bet the very same who are accusing Obama of using this for political purposes would be accusing him of being soft on terrorism.

Sugar Land, TX


Do they have Weapons of Mass Destruction too ?

New Jersey

We're supposed to believe this? Why does our government have to trot out Iran as the bad guy? Agree with other posters who've said this takes the spotlight off of the assassination of Awlaki, the OWS protesters, and I would add my own two cents: the upcoming vote on Palestinian statehood. Looks like votes are lining up in favor so the the U.S. of A is going to have to use its veto. Wage the dog indeed.

Christopher Hill
Houston, Texas

This stinks to high heaven. There are so many things wrong with this, I dont know where to begin:

- Does anyone believe that Iranian intelligence would try to use Mexican gangs to carry out their dirty work? Please.
- If you listen closely, the Feds are not alleging the Iran government was involved. "Elements" of the government could mean anything. But they are saying "Iran' enough to bait the press into printing headlines like "Iran terrorist plot foiled".
- Of all the countries in the world for the Iranians to attack a Saudi diplomat, why here? No way!
- Some Fed was already quoted as saying "the plot was foiled before it even became a plot". So, as time goes on, we will learn that there were a few clowns set up for a fall, by our government that needed this play (for whatever reason).


False flag operation!


Something does not smell right with this story. The Iranians hire drug guys to kill a Saudi in the US? The US-Iranian citizen has a criminal record in the US. Why would a secret operative be getting into trouble with the law? This is not going to turn out as reported. But, with Iraq winding down, we might have to spend a few more million dollars on bombs for Iran (as in, dropped on them.) Drug thugs are a very convenient scapegoat for anyone planning a crime, or trying to divert attention. Stay tuned for this one.

John Hrvatska

All the fabricated evidence the US used to justify its invasion into Iraq has ruined its credibility. How does the world know that this time the US isn't using this to pick a fight everyone knows it wants to have? It could be that the US is telling the truth on this one, but how would you know?

Bogota, Colombia

I don't doubt the Quds Force, so involved in proyecting Iranian influence in the Middle East, would be able to imagine something like this. But why would the Iranians do something so stupid, so intrepid and so easily traceable back to them?
Why single out the Saudi Ambassador IN the US, if you could target Saudi interests abroad, in places like Europe or the Middle East far easier and with less risk and higher operational control?
And why use the Mexican drug cartels, an unreliable and completely new "ally" to say the least? Didn't they (the Quds force) make a background check on the DEA agent they were using for the plot?

A bunch of holes in this operation.

Chapel Hill, NC

Wow, this is one way to distract us from the theft that is going on on Wall Street. They are pushing the Iranian gov. connection really hard. AND, who knew Eric Holder was still around!?! I though he dropped off the map years ago - looks like he was just staying out of site so he would not have to work on the rampant fraud in the financial sector.

Phil Greene
Houston, Texas

So the US is trying to pick another fight. This time it is Iran. Why is this news? I rather like Iran.


"Mr. Holder said the Mexican government had been instrumental in the investigation."

Very interesting. Proponents of a sealed southern border have produced evidence for years that there are large numbers of Middle Eastern illegal border crossers. I wonder if this will be further proof of the danger of leaving the border fundamentally open. Congress should press Holder for details about this issue.


I cannot believe the nightmare is happening again. Not only I don’t believe this story, I firmly believe that this the same pretext to war as happened with the Iraq’s non-existent WMD allegation which we never found. Our government is destroying our home country by falling prey to foreign propagandists all around and Special Interest Groups.
America must do what is good for America, but what is good for America must not be bad for others as it will eventually come back to haunt us.
Our agitations in Syria, our suppression of Egyptian’s hope of a free and democratic nation, our turning a blind eye to the murderous regime in Bahrain, our support for the hated government in Yemen all lead to only one conclusion and that is preserving Israel’s impunity to literally enslave the Palestinians.
Former President George W. Bush said, “The Israelis have a right to defend themselves.” I agree a hundred percent, but within their own borders set by United Nations in 1948. In Palestine and Syria they are the aggressors and it is the Palestinians and Syrians who have the right to defend their country, homes, and farms by any means available to them against such a bully we support.
We cannot support and continue our daily drone attacks against a concocted and non-existent threat while we are denying food, shelter, healthcare, and education for our own people.
I hope in the upcoming election we have become wise enough NOT to elect politicians who have any sort of ties with lobbyists and Special Interest Groups. We elect our politicians to look after us not some spoiled child who spies on us, steals from us, and demeans our President.


An attack on the US soil to bomb Saudi & Israeli embassies? As noted here this sounds ludicrous. Iran can attack Saudis on the Arabian Peninsula with impunity. Why bring it to the US? The intersection of Iran and Mexican cartels only serves this administration. Hell, now we can invoke two bogey men in one plot! Last point: why is it such an outrage when others wage secretive black ops missions in the US when we do that daily throughout the world? Can anyone smell hypocrisy?


It seems more fiction than fact. Iranians are the most active agents of the CIA, Mansoor Arbab and Ghulam Shakoor look like on the payroll of the U.S. Treasury Department.
We have seen the fabricated and unsubstantiated news about Libya by the CIA, which caused the massacre of women and children there. For the Republicans it was just a fun, and an act of heroism. Anyhow we can't trust our government anymore.

Wheaton, IL

If the Iranians really wanted to carry out the plot, they would do it somewhere else where the security is lax. This is another fabricated lie planted by the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia to divert attention from the economic problems at home and the military problems in Iraq and Afghanistan.


“Iran has no respect for international law.” LOL! This coming from a Saudi diplomat! If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black!

White Plains, NY

You mean the Iranians are bad enough so that even Holder has finally been forced to recognize that fact? I guess the Obama appeasement policy towards radical Islam didn't work after all.

Cambridge, MA

One man is a US citizen, as much an American as any other. Why does the headline say "Iranians" are accused? Is it now the policy of the Times to identify crime suspects in headlines by their ethnicity? I'd like to see that. Or is this a way of making insinuations of government responsibility in the absence of any proof?

Attempts by the US government to play the victim of the Iranian government are comical. Did they overthrow our elected government? Install a murderous secret police regime in our country? Arm Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons to attack us? Shoot down our passenger plane and award the commanding officer a medal? (Well, maybe, but apparently we blame a hapless Libyan!)

If anything, this incident calls to mind the assassination in Washington of the Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier. But that murder was committed by our government's right-wing terrorist allies, so the press didn't make tortured attempts to turn it into a casus belli.

Paradise Calif

A dollar to a dime that if you follow the money trail that it would lead you to a third party, not Iran itself.

Harlan H.
New York, NY

Hm, I usually think of the Iranian government as misguided, but not stupid. If these allegations are true, they've moved on to stupid and/or suicidal.

Given that, one wonders if this was just a "side project" of a couple of misguided operatives.

New York City

If actually real, such a plot by a foreign government would be an act of war, no? I'm curious to know the status of such actions under international law.

Atlanta, GA

Thirteen (13) Saudi nationals flew airplanes into the World Trade Center Towers, the Pentagon and almost the Capitol building on 9/11/2001. George W. Bush welcomed the Saudi sheik to his personal ranch house later and kissed his hand to boot. Put that in your crackpipes and smoke it up good warped 'merka!!! Kirk out, beam me up Scottie, this country is warped INSIDE-OUT, UPSIDE-DOWN, BACKWARDS, DIAGONALLY!!!

Knoxville, TN

What a bunch of nonsense! I thought the State Department was more creative in propeganda than that!!


Dear Federal Government:
No. It is not okay that you begin building a case to invade another country in order to provide a distraction from what is going on at home. Again. This time we're paying attention and the truth will get out there. Find another way to deal with whatever it is this time.

New York

NOT credible. The source (the US government) has a history of fabricating evidence and inventing facts to justify wars with other countries. This can be confirmed through the archives of this newspaper -- cf: Iraq War. Without independent confirmation of all assertions made by the United States government anything Holder says about this affair is meaningless.


Obama picking a fight with Pakistan over Haqqani.
Now picking a fight with Iran.
"It is the ECONOMY Mr. Obama"
We will see you November 2012

Yuma Arizona

They're saying it reads like the script from a Hollywood movie. Yea, a bad movie. Why would Iranians come into the US to plot a murder? Why come to the US to hire assassins from Mexico?

Why not plot the murder from downtown Jerusalem to implicate the Israelis? Why not hire unemployed Americans to make the hit? Why not purchase AK-47's and thousands of rounds,legally, here in the US and do the job themselves? Why not hire Saudi students who are already in the country to make it look like dissident students who hate the Saudi monarchy? Make the students believe they're going to bomb the Israeli Embassy, then have a truck rigged with explosives creash into the Saudi embassy by a hand-picked driver. A few students would have to die in the explosion of course, in order to sell it, but they were never going to graduate from college, anyway.

Hey, maybe I should be writing Hollywood movie scripts!

San Francisco,CA

So the criminals they were supposedly trying to hire were really government agents in disguise? Sounds like another set-up in which one of our alphabet soup agencies tried to entrap Muslims into committing crimes, or at least expressing interest in doing so. And why would Iranians want to attack the Saudis? Aren't they all good pals these days? This has all the earmarks of a distraction hastily arranged for the press. And possibly an excuse to crack down on the current anti-war protest in Washington itself? Maybe that's getting embarrassing?

Mark Lebow
Milwaukee, WI

Does this mean war with Iran, while we're still at war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya?

New York, NY, USA

How convenient... Just when Holder is under a subpoena for illegal gun running in Mexico. Just when Barry is so down in the polls his chance of being reelected look dim. Just after Russia and China humiliated the US in the UN Security Council last week. Mr Obama is preparing American public opinion for a fake war. A few cruise missiles launch on Iran. Another publicized assassination of an Iranian "nuclear scientist". This President is so fake it's hard to believe anything his administration does. The man who came under limelights three years with the whole world cheering is now a naked emperor. We just hope his desperation at beeing reelected doesn't take this country to the dogs more than it's already! By the way who's the champion of "targeted" assassinations, killing even its own citizens? Isn't it Barack Obama's United States?

New York, NY

I'm trying to understand what Iran would have to gain from perpetrating such an act...and I'm having a hard time thinking of anything. The timing is also suspicious, with the Wall Street protests gaining traction...Does this smell weird to anyone else?


"Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY."

--Goering at the Nuremberg Trials


This may all be true, but what purpose does it serve to advertise this at this time and place. When all it would accomplish is increase hostilities in the Middle East plus more military hardware sales.


Quite frankly, I don't believe any of this for a second. Why on earth the Iranians bother? They could kill this envoy and many other Saudi envoys in the Middle East so easily. It feels like the Bush era warmongering all over again.

Winston Smith
Mesa, AZ

When in doubt, follow the money and it will lead you to the culprit. First, I find the timing of this here purported incident incredibly interesting. The Saudis (under the US direction and with its weapons) have invaded not only Bahrain but also Yemen where they are slaughtering scores of civilians under Hillary Clinton's watchful eye. Second, as the UN vote on the Palestinian bids nears, Israel finds itself more and more with its back against the wall.

But, of course, I'm Joe Q. Stupid here and I believe what my government via its state media the NYT tell me. Let's go to war! Yeah! Iran got oil besides it will make our Zionist masters sooooooooooo happy!

War, war, war, war, war, war, war, war, war!

Concerned Citizen
New York, NY

Now, who can doubt that if McCain had been President this would have meant war with Iran?

Idi Malink

America exhibits quite a bit of hubris after assassinating one of its own citizens without indictment, trial or conviction twelve days ago. It takes excessive pride to extrajudiciously assassinate a citizen and then complain about foreigners plotting to assassinate other foreigners.





We have been at the throat of each with Iran since 1979,
and we would do anything to slow Iran from becoming a regional superpower in Middle East. And since attacking Iran militarily with Israel has been calculated and ruled out as more catastrophic to the U.S. and Israel, now the U.S. is launching an open propaganda to "United the World" against Iran politically - according to a CBS report.

But the U.S. won't be able to "Unite the world" against Iran, because the U.S. itself is discredited by its unsavory history. Uniting the world against Iran is akin to "uniting the world" again the Taliban! The U.S. has tried it for 10 years, and has failed miserably. The campaign against Iran won't be different because the world already knows that we are the global warmongering bully against small and defenseless countries. The U.S. tried to "unite the world" against North Vietnam in the 1960's and 70's, but the world exploded both here and around the globe against us. And if the U.S. couldn't fool the world in the 60's and 70's when Internet was non-existent, trying to fool the world today would be just featherbrained vanity.

The U.S., however, can "unite the majority of the global media" against Iran since it is secretly funding many foreign newspapers, TV and radio networks to support the U.S. foreign policy. But such a similar campaign failed during the Vietnam War, failed in Latin America during the rein of U.S. installed puppet regimes and CIA death squads, and has failed to convince the world that Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas are the wrongdoers in Middle East. The world believes the U.S. and Israel are. That is why the Palestinian bid for statehood at the U.N. has the U.S. and Israel spinning in panic. They have been claiming that the International Community regard the Palestinians as terrorists, and they are afraid that a vote at the U.N. General Assembly will expose the U.S. and Israeli claims as naked lies! It will be an encore of a prior U.S. denial to issue a visa to the late Palestinian leader to attend the U.N. which was condemned at the U.N. General Assembly with a vote of 151-2 against the U.S. The 2 votes were the U.S.'s and Israel! (The Wall Street Journal, April 29, 2010)

The United Nations General Assembly is the propaganda stripping podium of the world. Media headlines create a buzz, but the buzz doesn't translate into actual global support for the U.S. For example, a United Nations resolution that condemned the U.S. embargo on Cuba was approved at the U.N. General Assembly with 184 votes - out of the 193 total U.N. member states. That means a 95% of the world - 184 countries- voted to condemn the U.S. policy on Cuba. And that was not only a slap on the face of the U.S., but it also proved that the world didn't regard Cuba as a pariah state - as the U.S. always claimed! That vote was hush-hush at the U.S. media, but it was widely reported in Latin America and around the world. ( China View Newspaper - online, October 30, 2007)

There is, therefore, a wide distortion of truth between the U.S. claims of support from the global community, and the truth as revealed at the U.N. where votes casted have consistently exposed the U.S. misinformation about its enemies. The U.S. has had a 30-year misinformation about Iran -since 1979- but it didn't achieve anything. And rather than wasting a few $ billions more trying to discredit Iran, those $ billions could be spend for families here that have been looking for jobs for 3-4 years - rather than giving those $ billions to well-connected lobbyists and public relations firms in New York and Washington!

As a historian, I expect the anti-Iranian campaign to be heavy on the scale, like an ostrich, and the results should be ostrich-like. It will be able to bury its head in the sand, but unable to fly! Nikos Retsos, retired professor

azarn; Wheaton, IL said...

Simply said, the US has eggs on her face. The US cannot produce credible evidence without exposing the US/Israeli agents in Tehran who were in charge of the money transfer from an Iranian bank to the third country for transfer to New York since money cannot be transferred directly to US from the Iranian banks especially those used by Quds Force.

Finally, the US hatched this plot because the US is losing her grip in the Middle East and also, Obama wants the Israeli and AIPAC support for 2012 election.

Anonymous said...

Militants Aided by Iran Fired at G.I.’s in Iraq, Officials Say
BAGHDAD — Militants trained and financed by Iran’s Quds Force attacked United States forces in Iraq on Wednesday, American officials said, continuing a role they have played in recent years in a proxy war between the United States and Iran.

The attack came a day after the Obama administration announced that it had foiled an alleged plot by the Iranian group to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States and to bomb Saudi and Israeli embassies.

The militants fired rockets at American forces at Contingency Operating Station Garry Owen in the southern province of Maysan, which borders Iran. The military said three soldiers were wounded in the assault at the station, which has been hit by rockets repeatedly this year as militants have increased attacks. The military provided few other details of the attack.

The Quds Force, little known in the United States until the assassination plot was revealed, is all too familiar to the military, American military officials here say.

The Shiite militias aligned with the group have killed many Iraqi civilians and security forces this year. And they have also proved to be the United States’ most lethal enemy in Iraq since the American “surge” diminished the capacity of Sunni militants.

The Shiite militias — which often employ rocket attacks and roadside bombings — were responsible for the deaths of 13 of the 15 soldiers killed in June, the most deadly month for the United States in Iraq in the past three years. They are also responsible for a quarter of the assassinations of Iraqi government and military officials this year, according to American officials.

The Quds Force has one goal, according to the officials and analysts: weakening Iraq so it is even more dependent on Iran. Among the first steps in that process, they say, is severing the United States’ relationship with the Iraqi government and keeping Iraq isolated from its neighbors.

“Anything they can do to cause separation between us and Iraq helps achieve their greater aims,” said Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan, the United States military’s spokesman in Iraq. “Anything they can do to cause dissent or attack our forces and cause us to leave.”

Over the summer, these militias increased their operations as the United States and the Iraqi government began discussing whether to keep American troops after the end of the year. The discussions have not been completed.

Anonymous said...

The attacks dropped off after the Shiite-led Iraqi government cracked down on the militias under American pressure.

The Quds Force hopes that the Iranians will have an even freer hand to influence economic and political matters in Iraq and create a model similar to that of Hezbollah, the powerful Iranian-financed organization in Lebanon, United States military officials and analysts said.

“The Quds Force is the Iranian government’s arm that deals directly with Iraq,” said Kenneth M. Pollack, an expert on national security issues at the Brookings Institution in Washington. “Since 2006, all of Iran’s relations and operations in Iraq have been in the Quds Force’s portfolio.”

The Iranian ambassador to Iraq is a Quds Force officer, as was his predecessor. And this year, Quds Force officers have operated in Iraq, according to American officials, although few have been arrested or killed.

According to a senior American official, one of the top Quds Force officials the United States named in the latest assassination plot, Abdul Reza Shahlai, “has a notorious past as one of the central architects of Iran’s strategy in Iraq.” (Some specialists on Iran have been skeptical of the administration’s assertions on the planned attack, saying it seemed unlikely that Iran would back a brazen murder and bombing on American soil.)

The senior official said Mr. Shahlai was involved in plotting several attacks linked to the militant groups, including one tied to the anti-American cleric Moktada al-Sadr, whose party controls many seats in Iraq’s Parliament.

To generate money to finance the militias, the Quds Force has many businesses in Iraq, including restaurants, hotels and construction companies.

Training by the Quds Force typically occurs in Iran, where officers offer intelligence support and pass orders to the leaders of the militias, many of whom live in Iran, American officials said.

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