Calm down, everyone. We have no idea what's coming next

Qaddafi Is Dead
Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi was killed Thursday as fighters battling the vestiges of his fallen regime took control of his hometown of Surt after a prolonged struggle, the interim government said.



Obama is a smart leader with sensible policies that are achieving tangible foreign policy results. The war in Afghanistan is his albatross, but nobody can question his strength as Commander in Chief. He has been strong, decisive and has delivered results in the nuanced way expected of a 21st Century leader.

Zero US casualties, lasting friendship from the Libyan people (who feel they own their revolution) and a $1.1 billion price tag (that's less than 3 days of Iraq operations at its peak run rate). By the end of the week, Republicans will have found a way to make this UNITED AMERICAN and NATO success turn into a negative against Obama.

Think for myself
Pasadena, Cal.

Perhaps those who awarded our president the Nobel peace prize knew that he possessed the sort of goodness and determination that would bring justice to world. If only the detractors here at home would allow President Obama an opportunity to better our situation here at home.

street professor
sydney, australia

Just shows what can be achieved when the US, Al Qaeda and NATO work together.

First thing is get that privatised Central Bank in place and start printing that fiat money. It's time those Libyans started paying income tax and high health care/education costs so they can get a taste of this democracy lifestyle.

And don't worry about your destroyed infrastructure, Western corporations will look after that, plenty of cash in the frozen funds to cover it. Now Libyans, get out in the streets and celebrate for the cameras.

New York,NY

Cheap oil for the "first world"

Phil Greene
Houston, Texas

I am truly sorry and deeply ashamed of the US role it this. We the international rogue are a World Wide Horror Show with no credibility at all.


Those of you who think Gaddafi was responsible for the Lockerbie bombing should do more research. Gaddafi and Libya had nothing to do with it. And according to wikileaks, Gaddafi was, among North African leaders, the most modest and restrained as a leader.

We just destroyed a nation, and murdered a great leader who envisioned an Africa free from Western propaganda imperialism.


NATO kills a president and the world cheers! No due process, no rule of law. Thugs in the streets killing black Libyans and they are in Power. Why on earth should any dictator then agree to give up power? or for that matter, abandon their insurance policy - Nuclear weapons???


Muammar Gaddafi bravely removed an imperialist stooge (King Idris) from power, and transformed Libya from the world's poorest nation to the most developed in Africa. The system of direct democracy implemented by him in Libya beginning in 1977 may have been imperfect, but inspiring nonetheless. This is a man who helped shatter apartheid. Before Gaddafi's rise to power, 20% of the population was literate. Today, it's 88%, and essentially equal between males and females.

It is a shame to see him being portrayed as some tyrant or dictator, all the while an illegitimate and unpopular group of imperialist proxies are being called heroes. Hillary Clinton went to Tripoli and lectured about women's rights -- ignoring the fact that women in Libya are overwhelmingly pro-Gaddafi and there is not a single woman on the NTC.

They may have killed him, but Gaddafi lives in the heart of millions.

The Realist
New York

The American Imperialist Assassins at it again. The third world loves you, that is until they get the upper hand. What a victory! Qaddafi was no role model, but certainly a free spirited character with a flair for theatrics (look at our pathetic cast of leaders, they are losers too, however, with no style or taste). Billions of American dollars spent (wasted) in the name of Democracy and to silence any opposition party that we can't control. Wild West justice rules. Hang 'em high!!!!

Michael Kittle
Vaison la Romaine, France

DID OBAMA ASSASSINATE QADAFFI ALSO along with the two American citizens in Yemen?

How can you tell if your living in a dictatorship or a democracy? If your head of state wants to assassinate an enemy of the people, but the enemy gets arrested, charged, has an attorney and a trial, and is found guilty or innocent by a jury, you are probably living in a democracy.

If your head of state wants to assassinate an enemy of the people, signs a death warrant, and the enemy of the people is murdered by an unmanned drone weapon, then you are probably living in a dictatorship!

Santa Cruz, CA

What's the price tag for this hollow victory?

Gaddafi was bad guy no doubt, but will his death mean anything to anyone in this country? Another bridge not fixed, another student unable to afford college, another senior not able to afford medicine, and on and on it goes.

At what point will all the boogeymen be put down enough for the military-industrial complex in this country to be scaled back? For all it's accomplices in the government (R's & D's!) to quit using fear as a scapegoat for not fixing problems right here at home?

Mark me as glad he's gone, but tired of yet another meaningless victory salute when we all are losing with these continual wars.


Calm down, everyone. We have no idea what's coming next.

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Anonymous said...


Yet another sovereign leader of a country that tried to break the financial dragnet of the dollar as world reserve currency, killed in an illegal and immoral war.

But, to the Victor goes the Spoils: and the photo of Hillary, gloating, her face cast in the rictus of plasticine flesh, with her hand raised in a Churchillian 'V' for Victory sign was a perfect symbol of these times. Hypocrisy made whole and Democracy rendered like the so much dead meat of the innocent Libyan people.

The iconic image of her standing shoulder to shoulder with the tinpot defacto leaders of Libya who were installed by the IMF, is proof positive that the global energy companies will soon be liberating Libya's sweet crude oil and gas reserves for the members of the Nato and US war parties.

Maybe Tony Blair will come and lecture the Libyans on their new-found freedoms at 2 million a speech. Or better yet, resurrect George W. from his Texas ranch to oversee the division of the oil contracts with Halliburton, BP, Exxon and the rest of the vultures.

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