young addressing baby-boomers

Philadelphia, PA

I am a member of the younger generation in their 20's, and I have to hand it to the baby-boomers. You guys ruined it for us.

You allowed manufacturing to ship over to Mexico through NAFTA, killing hundreds of valuable manufacturing jobs in states like Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.

You pushed for free trade agreements that created a country of importers. We all buy Chinese-manufactured goods at Walmart rather than goods created by Americans in our own cities.

You want to ship high-paying IT, call center, and paralegal jobs to cheaper labor in India. You also refuse to push for legislation that penalizes companies that ship jobs overseas.

You form unions and sign deals that give yourselves expensive and bloated pension programs that are unsustainable.

You went on long, costly wars costing a couple trillion dollars, thereby leading to massive budget shortfalls in all levels of government .

During townhall meetings, you ask elected officials about taxes, gay marriage, and socialized medicine rather than important questions such as job growth and unemployment for future generations.

Your short term method of getting money for various programs is using the Federal Reserve printing press or borrowing, thereby leading to the devaluation of the once powerful dollar.

You guys jacked up our college tuitions past the rate of inflation, thereby putting thousands of us in lifelong debt.

If you don't create a future for the up-and-coming generation of workers, who will support your social security checks? How will you receive your pensions? How will the government get the money to sustain Medicare and other expensive programs?

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