Obama & BP

San Francisco

For those of you who want the Federal government to do more with the Gulf Disaster, really need to read about our recent oil disasters, namely the Exxon Valdez.

Few Facts -

1. 1989 is when the DRUNK, yes he the Captain of the Valdez was DRUNK. - A Recovering alcoholic was allowed to drive this giant vessel with more than 10,000,000 gallons of oil into one of America's most pristine channels. Note the year was June 1989

2. Over 500,000 birds, and nearly an entire eco-system was destroyed

3. 1994 - The REPUBLICAN Judge awarded 20 Billion to be paid by Exxon

4. 2008 - Exxon fought this all the verdict for 15 years where they agreed to pay $510 million, or if you like math, 1 / 1000th of the original amount, or if you like more math the amount that Exxon made in LESS than 2 days in 2008.

5 The most important fact is about Exxon Valdez is this: Their entire defense was essentially that the Coast Guard and Locals told them to do one thing, even though they wanted to handle the spill differently.

Obama and his team understands history, which is why he had to let BP take control of the spill...that is because BP is done.

Obama had already obtained $20 Billion from BP, and from what insiders are saying they are agreeing to $50 Billion. Lets compare that number to what the G Bush the first got....

Do you really think Obama is handling this bad now?


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