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no difference from an economic perspective, either


I am an Europeist, not an Atlanticist. Europe's defense should be in the hands of Europeans, not in those of the USA. And Russia is part of Europe. Europe's long term interest would best be pursued by weakening its alliance with the USA and strengthening it with Russia and China.

The USA, not Russia, is Europe's strategic enemy.

Before anyone begins accusing me of ingratitude, let it be clear that I am grateful to the USA for freeing Europe of Hitler. But that was 60 years ago. What do USA bases do in my country, Italy, NOW?

The reasons why Europe should do what I am suggesting are these:

1) the essential geopolitical treasure trove is the Eurasian landmass. Which is why the Pentagon has been trying to muscle its way in it, forging military alliances with the Caucasus, Central Asia and the "new" Europe.
2) NATO is a minor arm of the Pentagon. We Europeans are like the askars of old, the Numidians of the Roman army, subsidiary light cavalry. If at least the balance between the USA and the EU in NATO were fairer, one might argue for NATO to live on. But this is not the case. The USA calls the shots. Enough is enough. NATO should disappear, like the Warsaw Pact, and be replaced by a European army. The Pentagon should be invited to leave Europe and concentrate on Venezuela.

I know this proposal is not even on the table at the moment, but in the end even our notoriously confused and/or bought European politicians might see the light of day. Let's hope they do.

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