double edge sword of capitalist incentive

There should be no profit incentives when it comes to providing medicine or health care. Safety and efficacy of medications should be the only issues of interest to makers of drugs. Yet pharmaceutical companies have been shown time and time again to put their own financial gain, their quest to make a profit, above the safety of the consumer. There could be a million examples one could give on the actual "evils" of Capitalism.

For example, there are several New York Times' articles demonstrating how health care and the profit motive don't mix, google these recent New York Times articles: "Study: Alzheimer’s Drugs May Raise Death Risk in Elderly"; "Medical Papers by Ghostwriters Pushed Therapy"; "Document Details Plan to Promote Costly Drug"; The Evidence Gap - A Big Hypertension Study, and Its Minimal Impact"; "Experts Conclude Pfizer Manipulated Studies"; "The Evidence Gap - Quickly Vetted, Treatment Is Offered to Patients"; "A Device to Avert Strokes Lacks Proof That It Works"; "Drug Makers Near Old Goal: A Legal Shield".

You can read all these individual stories piecemeal or you can see how they're all about the same damn thing which needs changing. How many examples do you need to know that the profit motive and health care are not compatible? Everyone should see Michael Moore's movie recently released called "Capitalism - A Love Story" for examples of the incompatibility of the profit motive in other circumstances, not just health care. Capitalism is not good for anyone's health.

To learn about an alternative to Capitalism, how we can create a society without the profit motive, go to youtube and search for any video on "Jacque Fresco", an industrial designer, social engineer, author, lecturer, futurist, inventor extraordinaire. You can start with his interview on the Larry King show. Life doesn't have to be this way. Capitalism is unsustainable and we have to create a system without the profit motive which poisons everything it touches. Don't be content to continue to accept this system!

Bronx, New York

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