Ted Kennedy vs. Meritocracy

The white draped casket of Senator Edward Kennedy sits before (from left) the Senator's son Edward Kennedy Jr., his widow Vicki Kennedy, former President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former president George W. Bush, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joseph Biden and his wife Jill Biden, and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter and former President Jimmy Carter during funeral services at the Basilica of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Boston, Mass. on Aug. 29, 2009.

As a youngster he didn’t have the grades to get into Harvard but his old man pulled strings to get him in. While he was there he paid a friend to take an exam for him and got caught and expelled. His first run for the Senate, which everyone called “JFK’s seat,” (as if it were the Kennedy’s by right), was interesting because he had no credentials to qualify for the job, which his opponent pointed out. Still, the bedazzled rubes, er, voters in Massachusetts went on to elect him anyway. Of course, we all know what happened in 1969. For anyone else, that would have been the end of one’s political career and would have no doubt required time in prison for at least manslaughter. Kennedy didn’t spend even an hour in jail. And the Massachusetts voters? They have continued to reward both his criminality, adultery, alcoholism and ineptitude ever since.
— Gigi

Pseudo-Capitalism = Redefinition of “meritocracy’” to = inherited wealth, which was most often accumulated based upon not merit, but corruption, taking advantage of a corrupt system, favortism/nepotism/connection, or luck.

And the silver-spoon-fed lecture the workers on “personal responsibility

The workers swallow the propaganda hook, line, and sinker, and therefore reject any “progressive” taxation, since it would “unfairly tax the rich,” for the common good.

And they call that…. democracy….
— Professor Dean Champion

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