New York

How can one live in a society of such monumental corruption? Children are drugged to death for profit, adolescents are thrown into prisons for profit, the adults are enslaved and/or thrown literally into the streets for profit, the elderly are tortured to death for profit, etc.

We must, must, must bring back history. Teach history of mankind; teach history of societies; teach history of uses and abuses of religion, science, art; teach history of demagoguery, teach history of exploitation.

No, teaching elementary school students how to write manipulative memos and how to worship the Trumps of the world isn't education - it's manipulation. Bring back history and all other disciplines - geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology etc. and start a real education, not creation of corporate zombies.
American psychobabbling "we teach how to think" (sure, soooo many thinkers around) and replaced with solid education.
We hit the bottom.

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