Why does it take so long?

For some strange reason, Al Gore is today's hero for so many--more than in 2000 to be sure, anyway. For some he's just the lesser between two bad choices, for most he's the planet savior. For the latter category I have the following question: What had Al Gore done about environment during his 8 years at the Naval Observatory, star gazing? To put things in context, that was the time The Big 3 from Detroit put on the road the SUVs and gas went for just under $1/gallon. Not that the Detroit proxies for "what's good for America" need any more blame, but at least the alleged "brainiac" should be told that, in part, he squandered it.

If you think you got my point, think again. To just put down Gore like this would be way too easy. Go on to the next paragraph!

Judging by "The New American Story" Bill Bradley would make an outstanding public servant. The question is why has it taken him 7 years after running for president and leaving public office that we are given to know he's got not only a brain but also conscience?

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