I so love my orange
our rich are richer than theirs

A few days ago none other than Michael Chertoff, the guy in charge with the levels of security, told the Congress that unless the immigration law was passed we would not have food on the tables. Learning his advertisement, I had the vision of a reverse-Exodus, thinking of anyone opposing he bill as some latter-day pharaoh.

Now, for those a little more traveled than President Bush it may come as no surprise that food in general sells for about the same price in the US as in most any developed country; alas, regardless of the number of immigrants in the fields. The argument goes that in the US immigrants work for less in jobs that no local wants. The "work for less" is a given, but the question becomes: Where does the difference between the sale price and the lower cost of labor goes in the US?

Oops, what levels is Mr. Chertoff in charge with, again?

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