Henry Paulson: “It would be totally unrealistic to believe that if we backed out of this deal, the multilateral sanctions would remain in place.”
Paul Volcker: “This agreement is as good as you are going to get. To think that we can unilaterally maintain sanctions doesn’t make any sense.”

Bill Randle The Big A
Just listened to John Kerry's speech. Wow! I had no idea the man had that great a speech in him! Fantastic! Can't imagine how the rightwingers, warmongers, and Military Industrial Complex will respond. Secretary Kerry nailed them to the wall. Wish he had that kind of steam when he opposed Bush for the White House!

Way to go, John Kerry!!

Ric Fouad New York, NY
Every rational American should be gratified and relieved by this tremendous victory for the President—one that represents a moment of collective national sanity, and that showcased Mr. Obama's finest leadership qualities in the face of tremendous obstacles and Republican cynical partisanship.

But the struggle to gain these 34 votes also exposed the lack of leadership by Democratic Senator Chuck Schemer, who elevated crass politics above a monumental world goal.

Leaving aside Mr. Schumer's history of slavish devotion to Wall Street, support of the Iraq War, and other questionable behavior, this latest betrayal of Democratic principles—and blatant alignment with Republican obstructionists—makes plain that he should have no leadership role in the Democratic Party.

While an ideal outcome would be a primary challenger emerging to replace Senator Schumer in 2016, at a bare minimum, the Democratic leadership should desist from any further consideration of Mr. Schumer as the Senate Minority Leader.

If progressive values mean anything at all, the Democratic Party must end the affront of rewarding those within the party who betray its core principles. To impose Senator Schumer on us as the party's choice to lead Senate Democrats is a gross affront and will not be taken lightly by the party's rank-and-file. This time, Mr. Schumer has gone too far and consequences must follow.

Max duPont New York
Excellent. Now we will finally be safe from the over-the-top dramatics of the AIPAC lobby, Netanyahu, and their paid employees in the US Congress like Schumer, Menendez, the GOP "candidates" and others. Time for them to move on to other antics.

Brian P Austin, TX
The other side (which, this time, cannot be simply characterized as the GOP), lost for the same reason they have been losing through most of the Obama years: they did not present a reasonable, well-thought-out alternative. They didn't even try. Saying "This agreement is not good enough. We need to scrap it and start over" has become a joke. Republicans have not merely proven they cannot execute on ANYTHING -- they have proven they do not agree, or even approve, of the very concept of governing. I did not hear anyone opposed to the Iran deal present a solution to the single most important fact about the deal: the sanctions regime was on the verge of collapse (and the Russians waited, what, about 20 minutes before signing an arms deal with the Iranians.) Wake up, Republicans.

Delving Eye lower New England
History will look back on this time in America's military-industrial complex -- one that includes Dick "The Penguin" Cheney's war rants, Wall Street excesses, middle-class serfdom, school-loan burdens, healthcare exorbitancies, Donald Trump's clown car, and childhood hunger in the richest country on Earth (to name a few features of our pitiful landscape) -- and wonder how this sensible act of diplomacy actually occurred.

Ethan Ohio
Of course, support for the deal is not enthusiastic. The point of negotiations is that you negotiate and compromise. The final deal is the product of intense compromise and reflects a technical and political practice of realpolitik--what is good enough. The US doesn't run the world anymore, and congress isn't about to grasp that fact any time soon. Their behavior over this deal demonstrates why international treaties have been pursued as executive action over the last 40 years. If the legislature demands congress act like children, that's all we'll get, and the sum of our diplomacy will be war and temper tantrums.

cew Satellite Beach, FL
Great news. Glad to know that Addleson and Israel don't have total control of our congress and we can run our own country as we see fit with the help of a determined president. Right or wrong money and foreign pressure aren't in charge on this one.

Jaque Champaign, Illinois
It is good and bad news. Good is that Iran deal will go forward. Bad news is that 63 Senators are under the thumb of Israeli and Defense Lobby!

Jeff Cohen New York
This is good news on so many levels.
But don't forget this: a president stood up to the Israel lobby on a matter the lobby and Israel's prime minister said was vital to Israeli security and the president won.
Next time he or she should outline the terms of an Israeli-Palestinian agreement: ending the occupation in exchange for guarantees of both peoples' security. He should insist on its implementation, linking it to the continuation of US support for one or both parties.
Like the Iran deal, ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a vital U.S. interest.
The lobby has been shown NOT to be a paper tiger (it is still powerful) but indeed one when a president says "US interests come before Israel's desires."
As the Iran debate showed, a president--and not only this one--will defeat the lobby when that is the choice.
Now it's time to end the occupation. Neither the lobby nor Israel's prime minister can defeat a resolute president.
And that is good news for the US, Israel and Palestine.

Adam Smith NY
IRAN Deal Is Too Big To Fail.

EVEN the opponents of the Deal know that and the rest of this spectacle has been to embarrass Mr. Obama and extract more Weapons free of Charge for Israel paid by the US Taxpayer.

AS for Netanyahu/Likud/AIPAC et al, they know that delaying the recognition of the Palestinian State is no longer possible and dread the upcoming French Resolution on Israel/Palestine Conflict at the UN.

THIS Deal has vastly reduced threats to Israel and America's own Security and it is incumbent on the remaining Ten Democratic Senators to all come on-side by the Weekend and avoid an Unnecessary Theatrical Vote in Congress.

ANY undecided Politician or Citizen just needs to consider that the P5+1 Deal with Iran has pushed Iran's "Breakout Capacity" to Arm a "DOZEN Bombs" from a matter of Weeks NOW to an ability to Arm ONLY "ONE Bomb" after 15 Years.

AND my message to the Naysayers is: "The Greatest Enemy Of A Good Deal, In This Case A Brilliant Deal, Is The Illusion Of Having A Perfect Deal".

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