Screams in Time

Karen GarciaNew Paltz, NY

A first step toward reversing the "degradation of our economic discourse" would be to put the Rupert Murdoch Lie Machine out of business, via the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. Fox News and the Republican Party are joint partners in our rapid descent into a feudal state. Factor in Grover Norquist and his no-tax pledge, and our democracy is gurgling its last gasp in a bathtub full of fascist slime.

Easier said than done, of course. Rather than condemn Republicans for the seditionists they are, too many centrist cultists seem only too eager to negotiate and play along. Even Nancy Pelosi, erstwhile champion of the New Deal, is said to be open to cutting Social Security in some sort of Grand Bargain from hell. Ron Wyden (D-OR) is partnering with gerontophobe Paul Ryan to make the destruction of Medicare seem cheerful and palatable. Not one financial fraudster has been prosecuted, Where is the legislation for a living wage? Where is the Fed chairman doing something about employment? Where is a true progressive tax system, including a total scrap of the FICA cap?

It has gotten so bad that some anonymous billionaire just paid almost $120 million for the iconic "The Scream" painting. The irony of a plutocrat owning an artwork portraying human misery and dread was not lost on the Occupiers and locked-out Teamsters protesting outside Sotheby's Wednesday night.

Oligarchs hate being hated, so keep it up. March, mic check, scream.


Screaming girl, 5 times on the wall

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