the left is a step short to even count

McKeesport, Pa

Democrats, liberals, and progressives -- whatever that ilk wants to call themselves -- cannot blame conservatives and true believers in government-is-always-the-problem for having lost the framing battle. The financial industry is getting away with all of this because the left seems too busy whining about the media or lamenting the lack of sophistication in the public. The left simply hasn't used its base in universities, among public servants, and among communities of color to match the militancy of the right -- at least not in recent years. At a time when public institutions are weaker than they've been in decades, we have a conservative movement that has convinced Americans are oppressed by public institutions. While individuals have never been more vulnerable to the whims and wild conduct of profit-seeking firms, conservatives, with the able assistance of an activist, conservative Supreme Court majority, have mobilized a movement which holds that it is their governments that are the main threat to their well being. Ever since GOP rent-a-mobs showed up at Florida election registrar offices to disrupt that state's recount, progressives have failed to match the vigor and ruthlessness of their opponents. Liberals keep bringing ping pong paddles to a street fight. I dearly respect Krugman, but I'm frustrated that his formidable abilities are not directed at inspiring the direct action we need, focused on the appropriate targets. Please someone help us to waken enough Americans to the fact that they're being played for suckers, again and again and again.

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