Obama was thought of as good, Mais où sont les neiges d'antan?

Obama started by making me believe there was hope in politics. By and large, he used to speak my mind, as it were. I understood for the first time what people might have meant when saying that Kennedy was the president of their generation, despite my being so neutral about the whole affair. So, either Obama was channeling the zeitgeist, or the White House moves according to its own logic, anchored in the preservationist axioms of the elite so you either swim with its under-current or sink. This last point still brings me to ask, how was FDR possible? Unless Obama needs a worsening of the crisis to get us there… But you know, one never bathes in the same river.

Have a look at the recent talk between Wilbur Ross and Charlie Rose. The money people would have no problem with higher taxes, and the citizenry would take some hardship. All that’s needed is a dual sense of purpose/direction and justice.

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