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The Americans who comment negatively are ill informed, too young to have the clout that their "degrees" would allow them to have, and are probably not well traveled. I did a year in France, my junior year in high school, in 1972. At that time, the bulk of Europeans did not use tissues for nose blowing, nor have a clue about toilet paper. Yet, in the past 35+ years, the EU has blown past us in every way: from their quality of life, the quality of their appliances, the efficiency of power generation and usage, to the little things like health care, cell phone rules, free broadband provided by municipalities, food pricing and minimum wage issues.

What ever gives us the idea that we're so exceptional??? Is it the incredible corp spending on elections and advertising; is it the fact that the bulk of our national "legislators" wouldn't know a true piece of legislation if it bit them? After all, they are so busy raising cash and promising things to donors, that they have barely post-college kids, with zero experience at life, but lots of experience with churches and doctrine, who read the bills for them and comment. Consequently, we have laws created by true believers [for whom obedience to something is mandatory for life satisfaction; because it's the next life that counts, not this one], a clear minority, regulating the rest of us. Often against our collective self interest.

Trash to energy isn't hitting it big here, because the enviro group, of which I consider myself a "member" is controlled by a small vocal monied few. They get tiny concessions from the dominant industry, oil & coal, call it success and rail like lunatics against the better technologies to maintain a slightly "cleaner" status quo. The day we either expand the number of legislators, redraw districts correctly, or simply mature a bit will be the day that things will actually change.

Needless to say, I don't see it happening in my lifetime in this country. Therefore, I am moving to Europe to spend my last 15 or so years w/o strife and turmoil that exists in the states.

Travel is broadening; more US citizens should try it before making pronouncements that are so absurd as to make the bulk of us sound like blithering idiots.

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