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Steve from Virginia

First things first; Obama's Presidency is completely compromised by Wall Street, Goldman Sachs and its Clinton retreads. There is little Obama can do 'more' to ruin his effectiveness.

Second, the so-called plan is just another bailout, this time to the Healthcare- Industrial Complex (HIC). Why does it need a bailout, other than because all of America's other industrial dinosaurs have gotten one? Because the HIC's business plan - bankrupting its customers - represents guaranteed bankruptcy for the complex.

It's going to happen anyway, good riddance!

The public mandate is unconstitutional; the government cannot compel an individual to buy a private product, it's an uncompensated taking prohibited by the 5th Amendment. The state cannot otherwise compel people to buy Aetna insurance any more than it can force through police power the purchase of Froot Loops, Diet Pepsis ... or Dodge Ram pickup trucks!

If I choose to go to Disney World that is my choice but the government cannot compel me to go there against my will.

Third, there is no such thing as 'insurance' - which is a way of rationing risk - if all risks must be accepted. Any economist knows this, including non- economists like me. See Willem Buiter:


The Geithner/Bernanke method of subsidizing big business at every turn will fail here as it always has and always will. What do you want, Paul Krugman, a violent revolution in this country? All the lies under the bridge and a few more and the tree of liberty will again be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Enough with the 'E-Z Let's Feed Wall Street' solutions, they are becoming provocative.

One solution is to get Uncle Sam as far away from the system as possible; eliminate all subsidies! Let the HIC bankrupt itself. As doctors wives and kids get sick too, there will always be healthcare and medicine. The market will price it, too. Dirt cheap; Walmart prices.

Another alternative is for the Administration to send some people down to Cuba and copy their system:


It works and it's cheap. What is wrong with that?

The system is obsessed with conceiving a better space shuttle and winding up with lemons. How about building a bicycle instead?

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