on the ethics of work and passion

Only in America one use so many words pretending to describe human reality without mentioning the "S" word (society).
In Mr. Douthat's National Review world, Americans live in a country "where pragmatic anxieties — think of the children! think of the mortgage! ..." In America I know, the pragmatic anxieties start with fears of losing one's job (60-70 hours a week of exploitation, terror and abuse) and health care. Strangely, this part of American reality, which Mr Douthat missed for some reasons (what can it be? what can it be?) destroys not only personal health, but any existing or potential relationships.

New York

It's more than just love. We've created a generation of Americans who've eliminated all the joy from their lives -- who believe that their purpose on Earth is to work hard to earn money to raise children who will work hard to earn money to raise children who will... you get the picture. But even ants can do that much. Surely there's more to life.

Paul G
Mountain View

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