All this was predicted and predictable

The insiders are still inside and the present administration policies will increasing reflect their desire to serve their real and future employers. Representation of Americans when it actually happens is just a coincidence or collateral damage to their real representation of themselves and the power elite.

During each and every American war (with the possible exception of the Revolutionary War when the new colonial government was broke) America's entrepreneurs, swindlers, thieves, crooks, connected insiders, elites, politicians and some military leaders did what they really do best: steal ill-gained wealth while America's fighting men and women sacrificed their lives for their economic benefit.

That ill-gained wealth made millionaires out of people who care little about American values, American soldier lives and less about whether America even survives. (A good example of the above is found in Chapter 18, Corruption-Stanton Replaces Cameron, Abraham Lincoln, The War Years, V. 1, Carl Sandburg, Harcourt, Brace & Company 1939.)

But similar information surfaced after WW I, during WW II and then almost continuously as the military-political complex became a major component of our economy. The war in Iraq is just the current version of those in power stealing as America's soldiers have their lives stolen.

So we will see more war cries from this administration (think North Korea and its little Freudian missile)about everything as we have done in the past. But these advisors, insiders, etc. are now double treasonous in that they seek to ensure their own economic advantage while America is at war.

The double treason is based on their their undermining the economic stability for their own self-interest of America as they undermine America's military success by allowing and permitting waste and corruption in the provision of war materials, poor contracting quality and no-bid contracting to favorites and friends.

Senator Henry Charles Van Wyck said during the Civil War:

"The soldier who, bourne down by disease and overcome with fatigue, is found sleeping at his post, you punish with death, while the miscreant who holds his festival at this carnage of blood, you treat with deferential respect. Do you say Government cannot banish treason and punish crime?"

His statement came after a detailed study of multiple cases of fraud, delivery of guns that misfired and blew off thumbs, of delivery of horses that were so sick and diseased that they had to be shot, both examples being sold to the government at above market or any reasonable competitive prices, where no one identified as being part of the fraud, misrepresentation and providers of unacceptable goods was punished. Little of the ill-gained wealth was recovered.

The innocent died and the phony patriots got rich.

Sound familiar? This particualr individual's economic self-interest and future is being guaranteed every day. But instead of a subway pass to get to Wall Street, he gets paid a fabulous salary and the deferential treatment mentioned by Senator Van Wyck.

In the past, America could afford a little inefficiency and waste. Now that pattern is putting the last nails in our coffin. 1% of the population owns over 35% of the total wealth of America and the top 25% owns over 85%. Not much left for the 80% who are losing their homes, jobs, medical care insurance and opportunties to go to college. And yet the greed goes unchecked and America's position falters.

Who is America's Nero? Who can even afford fiddle lessons? How many fires, floods, hurricanes and wars do we need to wake up?

Or do we just roll over and let the thieves have it all?

America's history is replete with commissions, studies and reports of this unpatriotic, immoral, illegal, undemocratic and damning practice during and after each war.

The Civil War was the turning point

— ed g, Warwick, NY

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