Elections Update

At least according to the official version(s), the front runners in the Primaries are Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani.

Pat Robertson, another excess father of the American evangelism, is endorsing Mr. Giuliani, despite having so little in common.

Watching on Tim Russert's Meet the Press how Mr. Obama was pussy-footing about Mrs. Clinton's gaps can only make one think that Obama is merely VP-material, especially considering the high stakes of the next presidential elections in the US.

Whatever/whomever is pushing Mrs. Clinton ahead in in her party's Primaries must be doing the same for Giuliani. Indeed, the damn stakes are too high to allow someone who's not a NY-insider into the White House. Giuliani can be cast into the stone that hits either bird for the no-surprise establishment.

Test: How come that a folk that hardly comes together on so many issues has already agreed that it is experience that separates the two contenders for a Democratic Party White House?

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