On Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is emerging as the favorite in the GOP race for the White House. Except that he's got to overcome 3 issues:
1) His flip-flopping - he used to be a very reasonable politician for most in the middle, but switched (maybe) in order to win the GOP primaries.
2) His support for president Bush's policy in Iraq - John McCain, just like all major GOP candidates, has to understand that his support for Bush('s war) is costing him more than his poor choice of campaign staff.
3) His being at one time a corporate vulture - this is relevant in the context of the Left coming strong with messages about income fairness and similar topics that don't go well with part of Romney's non-political professional background.

As for the Romney's religion I think that
a) He's only got to overcome the resistance coming from the GOP base. In other words, if he wins the GOP nomination, his religion won't stay an issue.
b) If anything, it is us, the electorate, who have to make his religion a non-issue. This way we'd do ourselves a big service.

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